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Migrating Your Modeling Artifacts to RC

Reposting Cameron Skinner’s post from this morning:

No, the RC for VS2010 has not yet hit the wire, but it will be very soon. :)

One of the great things about the Beta2 version of Visual Studio 2010 was the fact that the TFS server as well as all the client side products came with a “Go Live” license. Well the RC build will also be a “Go Live” build. That essentially means that we are encouraging you to use the products on production workloads, and if the format of artifacts created with Beta2 bits change in the RC bits, we will handle the migration of that data for you either automatically or through some other means. For the RC build, that will also mean migration from the RC product to the final, RTM product.

Bottom line, it is hard to try product out and get real feedback if you don’t put it to production use. It is hard to put the product in production use if you can’t be sure that your data will migrate to the final build. Thus the “Go Live” license. For the details around the “Go Live”, start with Beehler’s post.

So, if you have created modeling projects and diagrams in the beta2 build, we will be providing a tool that will automatically upgrade those files / artifacts to the RC build, when available. We’ll be announcing that tool very soon after the RC build announced.

Keep the feedback coming! :)