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What Is Good Tequila?

I’ve been a tequila sipper for years. When I was young I had an incident with whiskey that put me off it, possibly for life, and tequila has nicely filled that gap.

I know the difference between good tequila and bad tequila. Good tequila is 100% blue agave and has a little number on the label that say NOM ####. That number if the distillery registration number. Look for it.

My good friend and fellow tequila sipper Aaron Mikulich sent me this great article today that sums up good tequila better than I ever could:

bbum’s weblog-o-mat ┬╗ What is good tequila?

A choice quote from the beginning:

First, Cuervo Gold is not good tequila. It is actually a really terrible product, quality wise, backed by some brilliant market. Sadly, most of the tequila consumed in the United States is Cuervo Gold or something equally as bad. And by “bad”, I mean bad taste and vicious hangover.

Amen brother!