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Seattle Code Camp 2.0

Rather than write my own rendition of this post, I’ll blatantly steal the relevant portions from Brad Wilson’s post

The first co-presentation is our Micro-Pairing talk, which was actually born out of last year’s Seattle Code Camp talk about Model-View-Presenter. It was an odd combination that seemed to work okay, but this talk will focus entirely on the Micro-Pairing agile practice (we used to call this “The TDD Pair Programming Game” until Brian Button suggested this better name). This is the same talk we did at Agile 2006 (in July) and the p&p Summit (a couple weeks ago), and this will likely be the last time we do this talk publicly.

The second is titled How I Pwn3d the World of Warcraft UI with Lua. This is a new talk that we’ve never given before. We will discuss the topic of end-user extensibility in game development, and we’ll teach you the basics of how to extend the game for yourself using a Lua/WoW Object Orientation library called Ace2. We don’t want to give away too many secrets before the talk, of course. :)

I always love presenting with Brad and I think these will both be fun. Please come out and participate, we’d love to see you.