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PowerShell Function: Go

Yesterday&nbsp_place_holder;I was in a meeting with Fernando Simonazzi when he mentioned how much he has been falling in love with PowerShell. We talked for a bit about how cool the object pipeline is and then he said, you know what I’ve been thinking about writing is a “go” script that will jump to a set of named locations.

What&nbsp_place_holder;a great idea. I couldn’t leave well enough alone, this morning, so I wrote one and put it into my profile. Here it is:


	if( $GLOBAL:go_locations -eq $null ) {
	$GLOBAL:go_locations = @{}
	function go( [string] $location ) {
	if( $go_locations.ContainsKey($location) ) {
	set-location $go_locations[$location]
	} else {
	write-output "The following locations are defined:"
	write-output $go_locations

To use it, you can simply put this at the bottom of your profile script:

	. ~/scripts/go.ps1
	$go_locations.Add("home", "~")
	$go_locations.Add("dl", "~\Desktop\Downloads")
	$go_locations.Add("dev", "C:\Development")
	$go_locations.Add("scripts", "~\scripts")

And now you can do this:

	PS1> go home

Eventually, I will merge this into the “cd” script that Brad Wilson and I have been tweaking to really make directory navigation a breeze.