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Geek Notes 2006-03-10

Haven’t been reading blogs lately, but have instead been spending too much of my free time playing World of Warcraft. Man that game is addictive. My wife hates it.

  • IVR Cheat Sheet - Ever call a business and get the InteractiveVoice Response system when what you really wanted was a person? Check out this list by Paul English that tells you how to get to a person the fastest for the business you’re calling. Got one that isn’t there? Add it. [via Good Experience Blog]
  • [Web] Service Versioning Guidance - Don Smith has finally posted the blog post we’ve been waiting for for years. He, DonXML, myself and many others argued about this stuf repeatedly and we all learned that Don knows this shit better than anyone. This post isn’t Don’s final answer, but it helps show you what’s coming from him and his team.
  • “The Ian Knot” - The world’s fastest shoelace know. It is strange to be (almost) 37 years old and and learn a new way of tying your shoes that is actually better than the old fashioned way. You end up with the same knot, but a hell of alot easier.
  • British Soldiers on LSD - This video had be literally laughing out loud. It may not be quite so funny to you, but for me (and some of my college friends) it is quite funny. &nbsp_place_holder;(via BoingBoing)
  • The Etymology of Sexual Slang - Someone asked me lately, “I wonder where the word pussy came from.” I found the answer here.