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Geek Notes 2005-12-08

Wow. It’s been almost a month since I last posted a Geek Notes. A lot has happened around here. We went to Denver for Thanksgiving. My team shipped the Composite User Interface Application Block. I moved the blog to a new server. And who can believe that it is December already?

  • MSBuild Community Tasks Project - This is probably the most exciting community thing I’ve seen in a little while. MSBuild is amazingly powerful and until now, the only library of tasks that I had found was the SDC Tasks produced by Microsoft UK. This looks like a great little project and I hope they do well.
  • Disable Caps Lock - I thought I’d blogged this already, but apparently I forgot. I hate the caps lock key and after my most recent repave, I forgot to remap the damn thing into&nbsp_place_holder;a Control key.
  • parse-textObject - Lee Holmes has posted this amazing AWK-like MSH script for parsing and manipulating strings. But my favorite part is not so much the script, but that he also shows his unit testing harness. I may have to see what kind of TDD support I can spin up for MSH scripts.
  • Snippy - Darren May found this cool little client app for creating VS2005 code snippets. And to think I’ve been doing them by hand all this timeΓǪ
  • Free Email Hosting at Live.com - Do you already own your own domain name? domains.live.com will host your email and let you access it through hotmail. For free. Pretty cool. If you want more services, I think they’re planning to offer a paid version too. [via Dare Obasanjo]
  • Real TDD with VSTS - My good friend Brian Button wrote a nice piece about the right way and the wrong way to do TDD in VSTS. Must read.