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PostXING Review - Yet Another Blog Posting Clilent

I decided today to try out PostXING as an alternative to BlogJet. So far my reaction is mixed.


  • Seems to have good WYSIWYG support

  • I like having the standard HTML heading tags available in the toolbar.

  • I can easily insert a horizontal rule in my post

  • I love the fact that it has the CodeHTMLer syntax hilighting engine in it, but it doesn’t feel quite as smooth to me as BlogJet does.

  • I’m very glad that it supports uploading images via FTP in the same way that BlogJet does. This is a must have in my book.

  • As with BlogJet, I can’t open an arbitrary post by ID. I have to find it in the historical list of posts, which sucks when the post is from a year ago.


  • I have to click a button and wait for a popup to set the post’s categories

  • I can’t use TAB&nbsp_place_holder;to&nbsp_place_holder;navigate the UI which means I have to use the mouse (a serious usability error as far as I’m concerned). And I don’t know if I agree with the idea that TAB causes BLOCKQUOTE in the resulting HTML.

  • I can’t find keystrokes for many of the standard formatting things like ordered and unordered lists, styles, etc.

  • Sometimes after using CTRL+K to format some text as a link (good), the input focus leaves the text editor and goes up to Title field (bad).

  • I can’t figure out how to post with a keystroke. It should be CTRL+Enter (like Outlook and BlogJet) but it isn’t.

This will be my first post with it, we’ll see if it is also my last. If the author can fix a few of those cons, I would be considering switching. For now though, I’m not so sure.

This seems like such a simple problem… I can’t believe how poor all the choices really are.