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Geek Notes 2005-10-30

This week I have become the WiX MVP in p&p&nbsp_place_holder;. You see, I decided to completely rewrite the WiX installer we’ve been using for CAB, trying to make a more general purpose installer that can be used by all of our projects moving forward. I’ve learned more than I ever wanted about MSI and WiX, but I’ve almost got something that does what I want.

  • WiX Tutorial - If you’re gonna do WiX, you have to start here. This is an excellent introduction to building a nice MSI using WiX. Another good reason to bookmark this page is his Takeoff Checklist that you should run through before shipping your MSI.
  • List of Fictional Expletives - This is a great page on wikipedia. Fake swearwords from across the fiction universe.
  • Guided Tour of MSH - ars technica has resently published a nice walkthru of the Microsoft Command Shell (aka Monad aka MSH).
  • OpenOffice Bloated? - This is an interesting analysis that compares OpenOffice to Microsoft Office. “It doesn’t matter how fast the CPU isΓǪ OpenOffice is simply bloated.”
  • Begone Boolean Parameters! - I’ve been saying this for a long time nowΓǪ boolean parameters are confusing and should be replaced with easy to understand enumerations. Now Mr. Abrams has said it, so perhaps more people will listen.
  • Photoshop-ish Keyboard Shortcuts for The Gimp 2.2 - I’ve used The Gimp for years as a free replacement for Photoshop. Works pretty well, and you can’t beat the price. But I always hated the keyboard shortcuts. These will make it feel much more like Photoshop.