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Geek Notes 2005-10-15

Since repaving my computer I haven’t installed an RSS aggregator so I haven’t been reading many blogs. This has been both good and bad. Good because it has allowed me to focus on CAB and bad because I’ve been falling out of touch with my normal sources of information: blogs.

So today I went ahead and installed my preferred RSS aggregator: Omea Reader.

  • Kids Programming Language - This is an interesting language. Designed to be easy to learn but teach real world programming concepts with a simple but helpful IDE. Cool. It is written in .NET and can convert the KPL code into C# or VB.NET with a button click.
  • Stay Away From World of WarCraft - Apparently their new EULA allows them to scan your harddriv for whatever they want (under the guise of looking for cheating tools) and send the information back to Blizzard. No thanks!
  • Let’s All Write a Cmdlet Part 1 - Adam Barr shows how simple it is to extend the Monad world with new Cmdlets written in .NET. When you’re done with Part 1, read Part 2. Also, for all you Monad heads out there, go get the Documentation Pack.
  • System.Collections.ObjectModel.KeyedCollection - HmmmΓǪ I think I was looking for something just like this a few weeks ago while fixing something in CAB. Damn the BCL is just too big sometimes!
  • Candle Making - Very cool. I love finding new metaphors to explain agile development and this is the best new one I’ve seen in&nbsp_place_holder;a while.
  • Chris Anderson is a Closet TDDer? - Apparently in the new Framework Design Guidelines book there is a plalce where chrisan actually hints that something like TDD is probably the&nbsp_place_holder;best way to spec/design an API. Well, DUH!