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Geek Notes 2005-08-21

I’m really looking forward to this next week in the PAG War Room. For the first time, everyone from all three teams (CAB, CBA and EntLib) will be there at the same time. This will be where we prove whether this muti-team-war-room experiment works or fails. My hypothesis: Amazing Success.

  • Python to Lose Lambdas? - Brad Wilson sent me this via email. He and I have been Ruby-heads for a while now, but recently saw an Iron Python&nbsp_place_holder;demo by Jim Huygins. From this post it sounds like Guido is simplifying things a bit and getting rid of lambdas. Now if only he’d include Ruby-style blocks and Python will move up a notch in my world. Then he can get rid of that ‘self’ parameter and the ‘tabs as syntactic elements’ thing and I’ll be really happy.
  • Multiple Monitors w/ Virtual PC - I played around with MaxiVista and VPC a while back but for some reason I didn’t come up with this trick. Very nice.&nbsp_place_holder;
  • Urlograph 1.2 - I’ve been using this URL shortener for a long time now, but one thing it has always lacked is that when you used it on an Amazon URL,&nbsp_place_holder;you had to add you Associates ID yourself. I suggested to Kim that he fix it and now it is done. One click Associates links in addition to all the other link help. Sweet.
  • HOWTO Put an Elevator into Express Mode - I love trivia like this. Press “Door Close” and your destination floor at the same time and some elevators will go into express mode.
  • The Whitespace Programming Language - Speaking of Python, the Python-heads should love this. Whitespace as the ultimate syntactice element. [via Don Box]
  • Enterprise Library Series on DotNetJunkies - The first of a series of articles on DotNetJunkies about EntLib. [via TSHAK]

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