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Geek Notes 2005-08-06

Today was the Redmond - Sammamish Mothers & More Summer Picnic at Farrel McWhirter Park in Redmond. This is a really cool park with a fully functional farm on site. Hadley has loved going there to see the animals since we moved here. I was responsible for the barbeque today and was kept busy feeding the 50+ people who came out. My wife Emily was responsible for organizing the event… congrats to her for making it a success.

  • Enterprise Library 2.0 Cometh - I assume all .NET people saw this, but Scott Densmore has started talking about EntLib 2.0. (Six smileys, Scott? Are you kidding me?)
  • The Wall of Sheep - At the hacker conference DEFCON, anyone foolish enough to login to something in plaintext gets their username and passwords shown up on “the big board”. Nice.
  • Cool Ruby Collection Stuff - Martin Fowler shows off a number of cool ruby things and compares them to Smalltalk.
  • I/ON - This is a cool browser, viewer, whatever for finding online videos. Ostensibly for reading videoblogs (think podcast with video), you can apparently find all kinds of interesting stuff with it.
  • Uninstalling GAT If It Refuses To - I’ve run into this myself. You install GAT to play with it, create a package or two and then suddenly you can’t uninstall the damn thing. Kzu explains why and tells you how to fix it.
  • Gartner Talks About MS Recent Security Efforts - Michael Howard talks a bit about an article Information Week magazine about the Blackhat/Cisco issue where a Gartner researcher says some nice things about Microsoft’s recent work on security. Cool. I can tell you from personal experience, security is taken very seriously in Redmond. Don’t believe the FUD.
  • CVS Camcorder Hacked - The “disposable” digital cameras have already been hacked and apparently it only took a few days for the new single-use digital camcorders from CVS to get hacked. No CVS near you? No problem. Get one on Ebay. I’m seriously considering ordering one and giving it a shot.
  • Download Manager in Monad - Very cool… Lee Holmes wrote a cool little download manager in MSH. Lots of interesting MSH techniques to mine in there.