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Geek Noise 2005-08-01

Today while I was away goofing off at Tech Ready, my daughter was apparently home with Emily making Bikini Bread. &nbsp_place_holder;That girl says the funniest things sometimes.

  • ![Seatte10_megaton](http://www.peterprovost.org/Files/seatte10_megaton_small.jpg)High Yield Explosive Google Maps - Cool. Type in your lat/long and enter the number of kilo tons you are afraid of and you can see how much damage your house will get. Here’s my local map, centered on Seattle, with a 10 megaton device. Yet another cool (scary?) Google Maps hack.
  • Homeland Security Covert Surveillance Truck - Wow. This is cool. That non-descript white trunk in front of your office may not be what it looks like.
  • 10 Insane Ideas for MS - Josh Ledgard has some wacky ideas for the company. Some sound like they could be pretty good. Some probably aren’t so good. Cool that someone is thinking this way though.
  • Superballs!! - Ever wondered what 10,000 superballs look like bouncing down a hill in San Francisco?
  • More Yamaha Papercraft - A while back people blogged Yamaha’s cool papercraft motorcycles and now they’ve extended it to include “rare animals of the world” and “rare animals of Japan”. I made the Yellow Eyed Penguins for my daughter on Saturday. Fun. [via Boing Boing]
  • DRM in OSX - Wow. A number of influential people are quite annoyed about the reports of the Intel versions of OSX being “Trusted Computing” compliant.