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Geek Notes 2005-07-29

Emily is in Kansas City today with her old college friends. We gave her this as her birthday present… you know, a little get away from the kids and an opportunity to spend some time with friends she hasn’t seen in a while. Of couse, that means I’m home with the terrible two.

  • AltovaXML Engine Now Free&nbsp_place_holder;- Altova has announced a free version of their XML engine that has full XQuery 1.0 and XSLT 2.0 support with .NET interfaces. Nice. [via Kzu]
  • Square Wheeled Bicycle - This is a great picture. See Adam Barr’s post for more links to this strange project.
  • Cool Monad File Regex Trick - I’m loving Monad more and more every day. This trick lets you use Regexes in the “case” part of a switch statement to easily handle all matching lines. Very very cool.
  • The Cisco Security Hooha - Wow. Yet another situation where a major company has gotten law enforcement to help them keep a security problem secret. Kudoc to Michael Lynn for standing up and doing what’s right. He quit his job to tell the story and is now being pressed with serious legal action. Here is some more information. [via Boing Boing]
  • NUnit Converter v0.5 - Jim Newkirk has updated his NUnit -> VSTS Test converter tool.

Oh, and speaking of Monad, it is now much easier to get! (Yippee!) Monad Beta 1 has been included as part of the WinFx beta release. You can get it from the Microsoft Download Center. Go get it!