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Geek Notes 2005-07-27

Yesterday was the final day of our onsite CAB lab sessions and it was a lot of fun. I think our “students” got a lot out of it, and I can certainly say that we got a lot out of having them here. We learned a lot about things we have done well and things we can do better and I can guarantee that this will have a positive impact on the final version of the block.

  • Lemmings in DHTML - I think everyone else blogged this already, but I just can’t stop playing it!
  • Microsoft Command Shell - I have become a full convert to MSH (aka Monad). It has become my day-to-day shell and I’m not looking back. This is the new shell&nbsp_place_holder;that will ship as part of Windows Vista. Think “object-oriented shell, with the power of Ruby/Perl/etc. and .NET baked in.” Wow. This link will take you to Arul’s blog with instructions on how to get it. (Yes, I know these instructions are dumb. I’m sorry. I wish they’d just post it publicly, but as we all know, I’m not in charge.) I will be blogging a lot more about MSH soon.
  • SQL-like Join in MSH - Speaking of MSH, Lee Holmes put up this post showing a cool trick you can do with MSH. It doesn’t take very many lines of code. Cool eh? This is why I love it.
  • Avoid Setup and Teardown - An interesting post by my good friend Brian Button. This is consistent with my thinking about unit tests. Whenever possible and reasonable, each test should read completely and without having to scroll around and look for stuff. This is actally the same argument&nbsp_place_holder;I’ve been making lately for why I don’t really like the Abstract Test Class pattern either.
  • MutantMaps Firefox Toolbar - Jamie sent me an early version of this to try out a few weeks ago. Very cool stuff. ow I’m wondering when he’ll go ahead and add in the cell tower map mashup.
  • Fun With Spanish Words - I’ve been trying to talk Daniel to write this post for weeks now. You remember the story about the Chevy Nova not selling well in Mexico because Nova meant “doesn’t go”? Well, even though that one is an urban myth, my friends from Argentina tell me that Consolas and Longhorn actually do have interesting meanings there.