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Excellent Article About Running LUA in eWeek

As you know, I’m a big proponent of running LUA on your machine. Sure, there are challenges, but those are mostly caused by developers who run as admin and assume that you will too. (You’ve stopped developing as an admin, right?)

Apparently, the press is starting to listen to all the great people who have been blogging and writing about this. I just saw this article on eWeek go by on one of our internal mailing lists. (In addition to the DropMyRights tool mentioned in the article, I would recommend looking at MakeMeAdmin if, like me, you’d rather go the other way.)

The article also talks about some new stuff in Longhorn and IE7 that will start to improve the LUA experience in the future. Check it out!

And of course, keep an eye on the nonadmin wiki at http://nonadmin.editme.com/.