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Geek Notes 2005-04-03

Have you noticed how useless the internet and the blogsphere gets on April 1st? It is funny and all that, but I’ve actually gotten to the point where I just avoid everything on that day. I was forwarded some good ones, like Visual Studio 2005 on Linux, but in general it was all just too annoying.

  • PaironPairOn - A new two person chair for all your pair programming needs. Yeah, I know this is an April Fool’s joke, but this is a good one. Don’t you just love that picture?
  • NewsGator’s New Pricing Model - I decided shortly after coming to MS that I didn’t want my RSS inside of Outlook, so I bailed on NG. But apparently, a number of folks are leaving now for a whole new reason: their new pricing model. TShak pinged me on this last week, asking what I use, and I told him: OmeaReader.
  • More Good Command Line Tricks - I use the pushd/popd stuff every day, but I had completely forgotten about F7. Cool.
  • A Comparative Look at Some Ruby Idioms - I think I’ve mentioned that Ruby is my language of the year, and while digging for help with some problem or another, I found this useful article. And while I’ve got you thinking about Ruby, take a look at the Ruby QuickRef.
  • Google Does Weather - I assume everyone else saw this earlier this monthΓǪ just type “weather , " and you'll get a four day weather forecast. This link is for Redmond, WA. [via [Boing Boing](http://www.boingboing.net/2005/03/05/google_search_now_of.html)]
  • UN Landmine Commercial - Another one from Boing Boing. While this commercial is work-friendly (i.e. no nudity) it is very startling and may not be appropriate for all viewers.