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Resharper 2.0 Plans Are Out

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I am hooked on ReSharper. Not having it inside of Visual Studio 2005 is killing me (and a few others around here).

But yesterday, the folks at JetBrains posted the ReSharper 2.0 Plan.


  • Support of Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2003
  • Support of C# 2.0 (under Visual Studio 2005 only)
  • Support of VB.NET (refactorings, usage search, navigation, code formatter)
  • Support of ASP.NET (almost all features implemented for C# and VB.NET for code inside ASP pages)
  • Cross-language refactoring
  • Open API (plug-ins support)
  • Loading in background
  • New preprocessor directives handling (no errors caused by use of preprocessor directives anymore!)
  • New Refactorings
  • On-the-fly Code Highlighting
  • “Create file from Live Template” feature
  • File structure view with regions, drag&drop etc

Bring it on! I’m ready.