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Comments on the EntLib/Log4Net Feature and Performance Comparison

I’ve been pinged by a few friends and former colleagues regarding Loren Halvorson’s comparison of the EntLib Logging Block and log4net.

As a response, the EntLib Product Manager, Tom Hollander, has posted a write-up on his blog. Go take a look.

In summary, Tom says:

ΓǪit is obvious that in the particular scenario that was tested, Log4Net has some efficiencies over EntLib. I’m not disputing this, and there may well be some opportunities to optimize EntLib in the next version (which we’re working on now - you can submit your ideas as comments to my earlier blog posting). Still my point is that you cannot draw any conclusions from this test on whether this makes EntLib or Log4Net better for your app - the only way to get this information is to do your own homework, taking your own app’s functional requirements and perf goals into account.

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