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Geek Notes 2005-03-11

Whew. Been kinda busy finishing up an internal tooling project lately, so I haven’t really kept up with the blogs well. A few well placed “Mark All Read” and I’m back in control.

On the personal side of things, my wife has become an active blogger. She is one of the funniest people I know and I’m glad she’s back sharing her stuff with the world. The kids are doing well. Hadley had her third birthday last weekend and I think this was the first one where she got it. She’s already talking about what she wants for her next birthday. And the boy, Finn, started crawling sometime in the last week or so. But he’s so damn stubborn that he yells when he has to crawl. He wants you to hold his hands so he can stand up! I suspect he’ll be walking before his first birthday if he keeps this up.

  • Source for a C# Compiler in C# - It compiles itself, which is pretty darn cool, eh?
  • Generic Delegates and Generic Methods - Christian Nagel shows some very cool things you can do with generics in .NET that are a bit more than strongly typed collections.
  • Bittorrent Simulator - I found this thing after Googling for “How bittorrent works”. I’ve been playing around with various bittorrent clients, not for anything illegal, but for downloading (legal) live music “bootlegs” from bands like Phish, Widespread Panic and moe. (Yes, Aaron, I’m back into that phase again.)&nbsp_place_holder;Anyway, fire up this java applet and add one seed and three leechers. Wait for a while. Watch how they move the colors around. Then add some more leechers. Watch a while. Etc. Very educational.
  • Processing&nbsp_place_holder;- This is the language/environment that the Bittorrent Simulator was built in. Very interesting. It seems to be a java-like language focused on teachinng the fundamentals of computer programming in a visual way. I’d like to come back and take a further look at this some day.
  • Would You Like Some Religion With Your Politics Today Sir?&nbsp_place_holder;- Personally, I agree with Brent on this. There is too damn much “my lord and savior” in politics these days.
  • Screw the RIAA and the MPAA - I do believe that artists should get paid for their work, but instead of dealing with that issue, they have chosen to go after the technologies behind P2P. Check out this legal brief from the Grokster case where the author lights into the RIAA and MPAA. [via Boing Boing]

And last but not least is this: The Industrial Chicken Catcher. Unfortunately, it looks like they’ve pulled the video, which was really the best part. It showed this thing gobbling up a room full of live chickens like a Dyson Animal sucking up dog hair. Maybe someone has a .torrent for it?