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Subversion Support in the Resharper IDE

As my last two posts illustrate, I am a fan of JetBrainsOmea Reader and Resharper. Consequently, I’ve been closely following the announcements and newsgroups regarding their forthcoming IDE. If it is anything like IntelliJ, then it could make some serious waves in the .NET development community.

The other day I saw a post on their Resharper EAP list that had this Q&A:

Q: Will the C# IDE have any native support for a Version Control System, such as SourceSafe or something else? This would be an EXTREMELY useful feature. IDE Integration of Source Control is very helpful …

A: Yes, of course. In the first version we will support CVS, SourceSafe and perhaps Subversion.

To which I replied:

Please elevate Subversion in the list from “perhaps” to “abolutely”. Subversion is slowly replacing CVS…and it is getting quite popular in the .NET community.

Which was followed by this from a JetBrains staffer:

I’m pretty sure that Subversion will be in the Resharper IDE (final name of the IDE has not yet be determined) … I suggest you and everybody you know who wants it, post here and let them know it’s important for you – unless there is some technical considerating for not adding it, I don’t see why we won’t add it as it seems to be pretty high on the demand list.

So, if you are a developer who uses SVN with .NET and think you may remotely be interested in trying out the Resharper IDE, then please fireup your favorite USENET client and post to jetbrains.resharper.eap. Look for the thread titled “C# IDE and CVS”. (NOTE: To post to that list you must use authentication, see the Resharper Confuence Homepage, in the–“Where to go and what to do” section–for the proper username/password.) If you don’t like USENET, there is a web-based forum, but I haven’t used it.