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Arrived at Win-Dev

It took too long (flew through Phoenix) but I’m finally here at Win-Dev in Boston.

I landed just as the 6th inning was finishing and got to the hotel just in time to have a couple of Guinness while watching the last two innings. Congrats to the Bo-Sox, but I know Brian and Jim are very disappointed. Haven’t seen anyone I know yet, but I’m sure I will. (Keith is here somewhere.)&nbsp_place_holder;If you see me, please grab me and say hi.

Tomorrow (Thursday) I give my first talk during the last C#/CLR track: Refactoring Support in the Whidbey IDE. Friday I do Effective Unit Testing with NUnit in the same timeslot. That is the last session of the track, so hopefully there will still be a few people around to participate.

I’m really looking forward to this as it is my first “real” conference speaking gig. I’ve spoken a fair amount at local events in Colorado (MS DevDays and others), but this is the first time I’ve ever been paid as a speaker!! Gotta love that. Many thanks to Keith Brown and Mike Woodring for getting me involved.