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GMail Invitation Winners -- Technology Haiku

Well that didn’t take long. Yesterday I received three and then today got seven more. And all of them are cool in one way or another. Thanks so much to everyone who participated.

Unfortunately, I only have six invites to give away, so I had two choices: the first six recieved, or the best six (as judged by me).

To be fair, I decided to go with first six. Sorry to those of you who were too late. When/if I get more invites, we will play again. Stay tuned.

Here are the six winners in the order they were received. (If you see your name here, you should get your GMail invite shortly.)

  1. Jeremiah Johnson:

more test coverage:
dependency injection
for less spring cleaning

  1. Scott C. Reynolds:

Error has occurred.
We won’t tell you where, or why…
Lazy Programmers.

  1. David Yack:

GMail Is Cool
But why do I care
More mail please

I need an invite
So I can have more mail to read
GMail is Cool

Up so late
Too much mail to read
GMail is Cool

  1. Rami Abughazaleh:

wonderful wizard
the savior from the devil
open, true angel

burn up the java
drop the perl into the c
go fish with dot net

  1. Justin:

One zero one one
zero one one one one one
zero zero one

Hey Justin, I need your email address to send you your invite – please use my contact form.

  1. Barry Allison

coveted gmail
night after night it teases
elusive invite

Here are the poems from the folks who were just a bit too late. Sorry folks.

  1. Josh Swihart:

Gmail launched with hype
Privacy issues killed flame
My data my box

  1. Simon Chadwick:

One gig of storage
Spam, junk, phishes: all Googled
I want my GMail

  1. Vince Zalamea:

delicate PC
pausing after POST
XP is booting

And finally, David Beardsley submitted this one, even though he already had a GMail account:

Google never sleeps
answering every question
you have yet to ask

Thanks again to everyone who submitted.