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Geek Notes 2004-10-05

We closed on our house yesterday and on Thursday the moving truck arrives. I’m taking Thursday and Friday off, so don’t be too suprised if I don’t blog until late weekend at best.

But then again, our Internet should be turned on Thursday, so maybe I will… we’ll see.

  • $pelling Micro$oft with a Dollar $ign&nbsp_place_holder;- Sandy Khaund enlightens a member of the ignorant open-source masses. It amazes me how many of these people rattle off FUD like “With MS I get vendor lock-in, but with Java I don’t.”
  • Google Building Custom Mozilla Browser - I don’t really understand what they would have to gain, but then it is open-source so why the hell not? [via Boing Boing]
  • Motorola and ATTWS Announce MPx220 - I have an MPx200 and love it. I’m worried that the 220 will cost me $500 or more, but I really want the Bluetooth support. [via Dustin Smith]
  • Is Your Battery Dead? - I know mine is. It always is. As Brad Abrams points out in this post, the battery industry is not fortunate enough to be meeting Moore’s Law. And it’s not looking like they’re going to do much better in the near future either.
  • Read a Pile of Science Fiction Books - Sam Gentile lists 10 kick-ass SF novels. I’ve read only half of them… time for a trip to my new library. (After I finish reading The Confusion and Software Factories&nbsp_place_holder;of course.)
  • AclUIAdapter - Once a long time ago, I wondered how to display that fancy ACL editor used by Windows. I ended up recreating it, but these days you can just follow the instructions in this post by Keith Brown.