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Geek Notes 2004-09-30

My Denver house actually closed this morning, so I am officially no longer a Colorado resident.

And, we’re hoping to close on our house here tomorrow, but that may have to push out to Monday. We’ll see. New carpet after that and move in late next week. Boy am I ready to get out of this limbo phase of my life.

  • TestDriven.NET RC1 - Jamie Cansdale has renamed NUnit-Addin to TestDriven.NET and is almost ready to call it version 1.0. We’ve been helping him nail a few bugs and are really excited to see the final version.
  • FlexWiki Released to OpenSource - This is the third official MS “product” released to open source. Thanks to David Ornstein, Craig Andera, Ward Cunningham and many others for making this move a success.
  • MP3 Goggles - That is goggles (as in glasses) not google. They are a bit expensive but look pretty cool.
  • The Uncloggable Toilet - Guaranteed! And they have a Flash demo if you’re interested… [via Darrell Norton]
  • The Conflict of Change Management - My former boss and all-around good guy Jim Vaughn is now blogging. He and always had cool discussions about balancing agilie processes (where change management kinda just happens) and more formal process (where change management is a core issue).
  • Running Non-Admin - Larry Osterman has made the jump. This is a good sign for us at MS… if we can only get everyone else to do it too.