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Geek Notes 2004-09-13

I spent most of the weekend working on my slides for Win-Dev in Boston next month. I’m giving two talks, “Effective Unit Testing in C#” and “Refactoring Support in the Whidbey IDE”. Should be fun. Hope some of you can make it.

  • VPC Tip - Keith Brown reminds us that when running multiple VPC sessions, use an appropriate amount of RAM for each one, not too much, not too little.
  • Microsoft Virtual Server Debuts - Mary Jo Foley on Virtual Server 2005. I’ve been running it since early last week on my big dev box and I love it. I can term serv right into my development VPC images.
  • Gray Area Social Situation - This happens to me so often I can’t even describe it…
  • Full Length Feeds - They’ve pulled the full length feeds from weblogs.asp.net. I’m not a fan.

  • .NET on Lego Mindstorm - This is cool, although I though the Mindstorm product line had been pulled… [via Slashdot]