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More BlogJet Woes on Campus

I still can’t get BlogJet to connect to my weblog from campus. It is very strange…&nbsp_place_holder;Brian Button&nbsp_place_holder;(who is a contractor using his own computer) can use it from his machine, but I can’t.

As an experiment today I installed Sysinternals’ TDImon to see what was going on and as far as I can tell, BlogJet is completely unable to establish a connection to my blog.

But, as I said in a previous post, I can type the URL for the Metaweblog API endpoint into a browser and see the ASP.NET generated web service test form. So I know I can get there, I just can’t get there with BlogJet.

I also tried connecting from one of my Windows Server 2003 VPC sessions, just in case it is related to Windows XP SP2, which I have installed on my work machine. No joy.

I also reinstalled the ISA Firewall Client, just in case. Still nothing.

I’ve tried contacting BlogJet for support and received no real help, which is also very disappointing given that I have actually paid for this software.

Can anyone recommend any other tools for troubleshooting this kind of thing?