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Geek Notes 2004-08-16

I am really ready to leave now. The manual labor of getting the house ready to go is killing me. Combine that with a newborn and a 2-1/2 year old who gets up twice a night, and I’m done for.

This weekend was very productive for me though. I got the drywall finished, the electrical, some finish work, moved some internet sites, and went to a kick ass going-away party thrown by our good friend Emily Vanderhule. The party was&nbsp_place_holder;a blast, but it sure made Sunday morning’s construction efforts a little bit tough.

  • NMap Broken in SP2 - At least it was until Dana Epp got involved and posted this, this and this.
  • Attaching a Debugger on Startup - Man this is cool a cool registry tweak. A long time ago I was debugging a service and could’ve used this. [via Jamie Cansdale]
  • The Zen of .NET -&nbsp_place_holder;A series of Zen Koans by Scott Hansleman to enlighten your day.
  • NHibernate - Justin Ghetland writes about this promising port of Hibernate, the popular object/relational mapping tool, from Java to .NET. I’ve gotta take a look at this one. [via TSS News]
  • Testing Resource Pools - Martin Fowler reminds us that when we are testing resource pools containing things like threads or database connections, set the pool size to one for testing.
  • Conditional Methods - I remember when I first discovered this little attribute. No more #if statments! A for a new twist, check out Eric’s post on&nbsp_place_holder;Conditional Attributes in Whidbey. Nice.

[UPDATE: I had originally stated that Justin Ghetland was responsible for the NHibernate port, but I was incorrect. Thanks to Szoke for correcting me.]