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Geek Notes 2004-08-10

Two more weeks and we’ll be in Seattle. We’re excited and exhausted at the same time. The house is almost ready to sell and I think I’ve got all the moving logistics taken care of. We’ll see, though… I’m sure I forgot something.

  • Flat File Disassembling - Bob Brumfield has written a nice piece showing some of the nasty details of flat file work in BizTalk 2004. I wish this stuff was better documented.
  • NUnit 2.2 Final Release - It is out. Here are some highlights: automatic framework detection (no custom config entries), mono support, array support in Assert.AreEqual, Assert.Ignore for programmatic test skipping, categories for grouping tests logically, detection of assemblies compiled against older NUnit frameworks, and a lightweight mock object framework. I wonder if the GUI is better… we’ll see.
  • Desktop Trebuchet - I love stuff like this… pelt your cube neighbor with wooden or steel spheres from up to 20 feet away. Oh yeah! [via ericgu]
  • Protect Your (Family’s) PC - I’m sure all the people who read this blog don’t need this, but your family does. Go to this site and it will automatically configure your XP Home machine to have Automatic Updates and Internet Connection Firewall configured. [via Scott Hanselman]
  • BizTalk Pipeline Components - Do I Want This Message? - Martijn Hoogendoorn explains the IProbeMessage interface that lets your component peek at the message to see if it wants to process it or not. Also, Martijn has updated his Pipeline Component Wizard.