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Geek Notes 2004-08-01

Today I finished up the framing and got the electrical amost done. I was able to resolve a little circuit problem that has been plaguing us since we bought the house.

  • Team America World Police - The creators of South Park take on everyone in this new flick, due out in October. [via iamwill]
  • Resharper 1.0 - JetBrains has finally released Resharper for Visual Studio .NET. I used the beta a bit and really liked it. The most annoying part was that it wouldn’t work with CodeRush, so I uninstalled it. I wonder if this one works better? Or I can just wait for CodeRush to add refactoring tools….
  • Iron Python 0.6 - It looks like this Python implementation for .NET is getting some serious traction. But what I want is a Ruby implementation for .NET instead. When do I get that? [via Sam Gentile]
  • Passwords vs. Passphrases - Dana Epp gives a nice essay about the ins and outs of passwords and passphrases. Must read.
  • No More Traffic Jams - Apparently adaptive cruise control can cure traffic jams by slowing down cars when they get too close to each other. Cool.