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Geek Notes 2004-07-03

Ahhh… the weather in Colorado is wonderful this holiday weekend. Mid-to-high 80s, nothing but parties and get togethers… not too much real work to do… I love it.

  • System.Decimal Bug - Craig Andera found an interesting bug in the .NET decimal class. It looks like they are using double precision arithmetic behind the scenes which is a no-no for a class that is specifically designed to avoid the rounding problems inherent in single and double precision numbers. I can’t believe this wasn’t found before now.
  • Roadmap for Testing on an Agile Project - The god of agile testing, Brian Marick, lays out how he would do testing if he were starting a new agile project.
  • Continuous Integration and the Ambient OrbΓäó - Michael Swanson shows off a cool trick that gives a team immediate feedback on the state of their build server… using a glowing red/green Orb in the developer room.
  • Free ASP.NET Controls - Eli Robillard found some sweet free web controls.
  • Using Fancy XPath With XML Documentation - Yet another jem from Peli… this time a way to use XPath to select all source code examples that include a class rather than just the example defined for that class.

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