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Geek Notes 2004-06-26

So we are in the middle of our non-drought here in Colorado. We are only allowed to water our lawns twice a week for 15 minutes, but for the last few weeks we’ve been getting rain a few times a week. Which is very nice. I hate having to pay for water.

  • The Middle Tier Is Dead (Again) - Scott Colestock wrote this a while back, and it is in keeping with my thoughts on the matter. You want to use multiple machines? Cluster them. Don’t distribute your application. Run the UI layer and the Business Logic layer (or whatever you call it) in one process.
  • BizTalk Orchestration Naming Conventions - As you know by now, I’m in the early stages of a large BizTalk implementation so this posting caught my eye.
  • NAnt for BizTalk 2004 - I’m picking up tons of jems going through Scott Colestocks backlog. In this post he provides some targets for NAnt that help us work with BTS04 objects and then in a follow-up post he updates it with some fixes. Thanks Scott. I will certainly be using this.
  • Bad Library Sign - I love this sign… does the arrow point to the Children’s room or to the Adult Video room?