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Geek Notes 2004-05-28

I’m at the aiport, working on a nasty Win32 DLL written in C, waiting for my flight back to Denver. Looks like I’ve fallen a bit behind on the Geek Notes, so I’ve got my work cut out for me.

  • MSDN TV: Building Your First Business Process - Watch Scott Woodgate show how easy it is to build a business process using Visual Studio .NET and BizTalk Server 2004, expose that business process as a Web service, and then consume the business process inside InfoPath - all within 20 minutes.
  • Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator - I’ve been threatening to create a Dvorak-style keyboard mapping but instead of using English to figure out character usage ratios, I want to use C/C++/C# character usage. Maybe I’ll have time some day… probably not.
  • TMC Introduces SOA Blueprints - Sounds like an interesting idea, create a set of best-practices and open-specifications for multi-platform SOA development.
  • NUnitAddin Has&nbsp_place_holder;Gone Green! - Jamie has finally released a version of my favorite VS.NET addin that now has a GUI and nice little green and red dots in a tree. Must have.
  • ObjectSpaces Isn’t Going to Ship - Not all that surprising. Anybody remember when this product was actually annouced? Back in .NET 1.0. We’ll see if it ever ships.
  • New FileDisassembler for Reflector 4.0 - Wow. It now makes all the other bits that you need to really be able to compile the code. Very cool.