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DEV200: General Session - Managing the Software Lifecycle With Visual Studio 2005

This session, hosted by Rick LaPlante was an hour and a half of drilldown into Visual Studio 2005 Team System. Their idea was to show the information and process flow from Project Manager to Infrastructure Architect to Application Architect to Developer. It was a nice demo and continued by feeling of cautious optimism about this product. Here are my very disorganized notes….

Project Manager

The root of it all

Sees what is happining in the project

Assigns work items

Unit testing

Looks like NUnit: [TestClass], [TestMethod], etc.


code coverage


Code colorization

custom local methodology help system

Provided by the underlying enterprise methodology

static analysis

policy files

dev can override, but it gets promoted to project manager

Tester Mode


Build data, including touched projects, tests run, code coverage, etc

See resolved work items in each checkin

Reports generated by build server

Load tests: Browser, network type, etc.

Right click “create bug” and it attaches the test result and assigns the work item.

Back to developer mode

Developer sees the bug and gets the graph in his IDE

Developer adds instrumentation to the app

Can run Tom’s test without guessing what Tom did

All data collected

Developer identified the problem method and fixes it

Project Manager

Sees code coverage deficiency and starts hassling developers