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TechEd: Fun on Sunday

My wife came along with me on this trip. We have a two year old at home and are expecting another in July, so I told her to come with me as a break before we head into life with two children.

She came with me to the registration this afternoon and said some of the funniest things I’ve ever heard at a tech conference…

“If I were single, I could get some serious ass here.”

That one really broke me up. Then later she said this…

“Make over shows could kill it here.”

Man, that is some funny shit.

Since I’m here on Microsoft’s dime this time (working the Arch cabana), I had to attend a “staff training” meeting. Generally good stuff, but also pretty straightforward communication and sales stuff. Not all that exciting.

On my way in I ran into Rory Blyth and Carl Franklin from .NET Rocks. While I was chatting with them, Harry Pierson and Sandy Khaund showed up. It was good to see all of them.

Earlier today someone asked me. “Are you going to Rory’s Non-Influencer Party tonight?” They were talking about the Coding Slave get together, but I thought the name was funny. When I told Rory about he laughed too.

Tonight looks like it will be the busiest night of the trip. I am planning to attend the Architects Road Rally, the Unit Testing BoF and the Code Generation BoF. It will be fun to try to get all of that done at the same time.

Gotta go…