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TechEd: Off to San Diego

We’re out of here. I’m taking the 5:05pm flight from Denver to San Diego. You can get me on any of the following IM networks: I’ll try to be online as much as possible during the week. If it is anything like PDC, the only problem will be finding power in the session rooms, not network connectivity.

  • MSN:├é peter at nospam provost dot org├é (remove the nospam)
  • AIM: PeterPro69
  • ICQ: 1156001
  • Yahoo: pprovost

As I mentioned before I will be working the Architecture cabana as part of my MVP duties. Here is my schedule for that as far as I know:

  • Monday 1:45-3:15pm
  • Tuesday 2:00-3:00pm
  • Wednesday Noon-2:00pm
  • Thursday 3:00-4:00pm

Please come say hi if you’re in the neighborhood. I don’t know exactly where the cabanas are, but you should be able to find them.


See you there!