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Geek Notes 2004-05-08

I mentioned a couple of days ago that our landscapers had started and I have to say I am completely amazed at how hard these guys are working. These guys have done in three days what would have taken me weeks, if not months to accomplish. As promised, I’ve been taking pics and will post the whole series on Monday or Tuesday when they are done.

  • To ReleaseComObject or Not - Sam Gentile posts some links about the various COM-to-.NET Interop challenges, specifically focusing on when and when not to call ReleaseComObject.
  • UML Stencils for Visio - Sometimes all you want to do is draw some UML, but the UML stencils that ship with Visio are a little “too smart”. Use these instead and you’ll be able to draw without all the other mess. [via Ingo Rammer]
  • Notepad2 - Ever wished Notepad had just a few more features, but didn’t really want a big ol’ slow programmer’s editor? You need Notepad2 by Florian Balmer. [via Scott Hanselman]
  • Diabetes: The Airplane Analogy - Scott told me this analogy at the MVP Summit and it is probably the clearest explaination of diabetes I have ever heard.
  • CLR Sessions at TechEd - Brad Abrams has posted the sessions that the CLR Team will be giving.
  • Analyzing Build Times - Kris Syverstad has a long build problem that is making his CI system behave badly.
  • P/Invoke Add-In for VS.NET - Now you don’t even have to visit the P/Invoke site to use the signatures defined there. Just right-click and choose “Insert P/Invoke Signatures…”