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Geek Notes 2004-05-07

I’m almost done with my article about converting from dasBlog to .TEXT. So far the response from my readers has been almost universal joy regarding the change. I don’t think I dumped anyone’s RSS feed, I think most of the permalinks still work, and some people are reporting that it is a hell of a lot faster. It certainly feels that way to me. Excellent!

I just saw this post by Scott Hanselman where he mentions “the FreeTextBox CodeHightlightDefinitions.xml” and I’m wondering what that is and how I integrate it into FTB? I can’t seem to find any other information on it, and if it does source-code highlighting in FTB then I want it in my .TEXT blog.

UPDATE: The XML file Scott was talking about goes with Aylar Highlighter, the code coloring highlighter that apparently now comes integrated into dasBlog. It is now integrated into my .TEXT blog.

  • Funny Quotes from Keith Brown’s New Book - Julia apparently can read entire books online. I just can’t do it. But I’m glad she can, ‘cause she found some nice funny stuff in Keith’s new “A .NET Developer’s Guide to Windows Security”.
  • Mono Beta 1 - The beta is out. Some people like it, some people hate it. In general I hope for nothing but the best from this project. It just makes .NET that much stronger.
  • Testing Constraints w/ NUnit - John Lam has a nice little NUnit custom Assertion class that helps confirm that read-only and sealed constraints haven’t been modified. Cool.
  • Four New .NET Security Decks - Darrell Norton beat me to it again. I’ve used some earlier versons of these decks in presentations that I’ve done for the local MS office. Good stuff.
  • PAG Integration Patterns - “Integration Patterns introduces patterns in the context of the Global Bank integration scenario. This patterns catalog is organized to help you locate the right combination of patterns to apply when solving your integration problem. In addition, the guide introduces a visual model that describes a language of patterns and their relationships.”
  • #develop IDE Beta 1 - My favorite open-source IDE for .NET has reached the Beta 1 milestone (codename Fidalgo).