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Geek Notes 2004-05-06

This morning the landscapers started working in our yard. This looks like it will be another terrible drought year, but I would rather have a sprinkler system in a drought than not have one. At least this way, when the city says “15 minutes per zone twice a week,” I can actually ensure that I’m getting the right amount of water on my lawn. (We are taking pictures of the before, during and after… I’ll post them later.)

  • Service-Oriented Architecture: Considerations for Agile Systems -
  • FastObject.NET - Versant Software has released FastObject.NET class persistence framework capable to store your objects into a native object oriented database. Using metadata tags you can add persistent attributes to make object persistent capable. [via TheServerSide.net]
  • Property or Backing Store from Inside a Class - Eric Gunnerson raises the every popular argument of whether a class should talk through its own public interface or if it should be allowed to take advantage of access to internal details. My opinion? It depends… :)
  • OO in One Sentence - The Pragmatic Programmers have written a quick little article about what a good OO program should and shoudn’t do.
  • Custom Caching in ASP.NET - Darrell Norton shares his notes from the Devscovery session.
  • Comment Rot - This is a common argument that I seem to have all the time. Comments should explain WHY you did something, not WHAT it does. If you need a WHAT comment, then the code isn’t clear enough.