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New Blog Rating System

Today I added a rating system a la the one at MSDN so you can rate my posts. Should be interesting to see if I get any meaningful data out of it.

The original idea came from Scott Mitchell’s article on 4GuysFromRolla. I started with his code and tweaked it. Along the way I learned a bit more about how .TEXT is held together.

Assuming I don’t get crushed by “ratings spam”, I’ll probably add a list on the side at some point that shows the highest rated posts. We’ll see.

UPDATE: I guess I should have kept reading. Scott already wrote an article that shows the stored proc and the user control to show the top 5 rated articles. I’ll add that later.

UPDATE (2): I have pulled the rating system for now. I didn’t test it thoroughly enough and Darrel Norton was kind enough to point out an error. I’ll try to fix it tonight and turn it back on.