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Geek Notes 2004-03-24

As I said in my last post, I’m working on a custom site definition for WSS for a local school district. I’m learning tons of interesting stuff that I will be writing about soon. It is amazing how poorly documented this task is. They give you just enough to get started but not enough to do anything real. Oh well… as Brad Wilson likes to say, “I can bend it to my will.”

  • Fiddler - Wow. This looks like a useful little tool. Basically it is an HTTP debugging proxy. I needed something like this a month ago… [via Scott Watermasysk]
  • Google Before Asking Questions - Apparently everyone found this at the same time… very funny and very true.
  • Healthcare Website Login - Oops. I just gave a talk about web security at DevDays, but I don’t think I covered something this stupid.
  • What is a Smart Client? - ChrisAn collects some content and references that answer this question. I agree.