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Geek Notes 2004-02-24

You know what drives me nuts? HOw people can’t seem to understand the difference between the forward slash (/) and the backslash (). AFAIK, this one is fully BillG’s fault. Back in the DOS days (and even in Win9x) those of us who had to provide tech support got into the habit of saying things like, “No not that one… the backslash key… over there.” And now, everyone calls the forward slash key backslash! It drives me nuts.

So I’m listening to the radio yesterday on my way home from work and an H&R Block ad comes on talking about their new online services. “For more information,” it says, “visit us online at hrblock.com backslash online”. The annoying thing is that this works, because the browser companies have gotten used to people who don’t know the difference.


  • Busy Being Born - A visual history of the development of the Lisa/Macintosh user interface. An interesting read with interesting screenshots. [via Sriram Krishnan]
  • InfoPath 2003 SP-1 Preview - Provides an early look at bug fixes and features for InfoPath that will be shipped ats part of Office 2003 SP-1. No word on the date yet.
  • InfoPath 2003 Toolkit for VS.NET - Sick of writing JavaScript to add code to your InfoPath forms? Now you can do it in .NET. About freaking time!
  • WSS Temporary File Explosion - Scott Pachelo has started feeding us excellent WSS and SPS info. I actually got burned by this one once, so if you are running WSS or SPS, read it.
  • Next Gen SmartPhones Unveiled - Dustin Smith shows us the next Motorola SmartPhone. I want one!