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Geek Notes 2004-02-20

Ahh the weekend is almost here and I can try to get some work done on my basement remodel. We’ll have to see if my daughter will let me do that or if she will insist on watching Shrek a few dozen more times. :)

  • Dual-monitor Wallpapers - I love running my dual monitor setup at the office. It is amazing how much more productive you can be with that extra screen real estate. But what is hard is finding good wallpapers that stretch across. This site has a number of nice desktop images to use.
  • Oracle vs SQL Server (Again) - We’ve seen this kind of thing before, but now that Oracle has issues price cuts, has the landscape changed? Apparently not. [via Joe Shirey]
  • Saving Microsoft Streaming Media Files - Ever been sent a link to a streaming media file but wanted to save the file for later? This will help. Also of worthy note is their document describing the Microsoft Media Server (MMS) format. [via Jason Nadal]
  • Continuous Integration and Dynamic Systems&nbsp_place_holder;- Fellow Interlinker Kris Syverstad continues his posts about using CruiseControl.NET on a real project. If you are interested in using CC.NET, be sure to read his article Lessons Learned From Setting Up CruiseControl.NET.
  • Hobbit or Elf Name Generator - Bored yet? This web site will convert your real name into Hobbit or Elf. My hobbit name is Wilibald Loamsdown of Great Smials. My Elf name is Galradir Tur-anion. [via Chris Austin]
  • When Not to Use SOA - ZapThink has written a nice little piece helping people understand when they shouldn’t be considering SOA. Number on on the list is, of course, when you have a homogeneous IT environment. [via Christian Weyer]
  • C# FAQ - John Skeet, a C# MVP, has started an FAQ for the microsoft.public.dotnet.languages.csharp newsgroup. Should be pretty good.