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Geek Notes 2004-02-19

As you can see from one of my earlier posts, I was at the Community and Technology Leaders Roundtable meeting yesterday. I’m always amazed how many of the .NET luminaries are here in Denver. The previous meeting of this group had been primarily a lecture, but this one was more interactive, and I really think it worked well. I volunteered to give a chat next time on test-driven development… we’ll see if they’re interested or not.

  • ASP.NET Resource Kit - It is back! A couple of weeks ago the links started making the rounds but for some reason it got pulled. Well now it is back and if you don’t mind downloading 131MB, it looks like it is pretty useful.
  • This is Broken! - Boy I love this site. Continually hilarious material. This sign from Barcelona is great. Why is it that Europeans don’t understand simple signage? [via This is Broken]
  • The History of IDisposable - I wasn’t on the DOTNET DM mailing list back in the day, so I don’t remember this post, but it sure was enlightening to find today. [via IUnknown]
  • .NET Architecture Center - I’m sure most of you have seen this by now (after all it is almost 4 days old), but it is one of those things that you really need to spend some time looking at.
  • CodeSmith 2.5 RC4 - My favorite code generation tool, CodeSmith, is about to release version 2.5 and RC4 was just made available.
  • Preliminary Whidbey Release Schedule - Chris Garty has posted a discussion he had with Scott Guthrie that explains the release timing for Whidbey. Beta 1 in June. Beta 2 sometime after that. :)
  • 26 Bad SQL Things - Doug Seven has collected a list of 26 things you shouldn’t be doing with SQL. And he is looking for you to vote on the worst 10.
  • The Windows User Experience Cookbook - MS is planning a new book called “The Windows User Experience Cookbook” for Longhorn that will provide a number of UI guidelines for applications. This link will take you to an except called “User Experience Recipe: Database Applications”. Looks interesting.

Wow. That’s enough for today. I’ve still got 412 unread blog posts to catch up on, but they’ll have to wait unti tomorrow.