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Geek Notes 2004-02-14

So I spent a few hours on Friday bringing up a .TEXT based weblog site for my employer, Interlink Group. We have a number of really smart guys there and I’ve been trying to get them to blog for a while. Hopefully it’ll work out. At first glace, I really like the look of .TEXT. I particularly like the Articles bit. From looking at the code (and talking to The .NET Guy) it sounds like the templates aren’t separated from the code well enough, but I don’t know how much I really care about that. We’ll see… maybe I’ll convert from dasBlog to .TEXT one of these days.

  • DevDays 2004 Walkaways - Wow! Check out all the good things you will get when you attend DevDays this year. Come on out for the free stuff (particularly the Whidbey Tech Preview), stay for the interesting topics.
  • VS.NET Debugging Tips - Daniel Cazzulino gives us a number of interesting debugging tips for Visual Studio .NET.
  • Whitehorse on MSDN TV - Wondering what to expect in the way of Web Services debugging in Whidbey? Watch this video. [via Aaron Skonnard]
  • Hackers Hall of Fame - The Learning Channel has a new site up focusing on the most famous hackers and crackers of all time. An interesting read… if for no other reason than to see what some of these guys look like. [via Stephano Demiliani]
  • Justin Rudd Reviews Shadowfax - In case you haven’t heard of it, there is an SOA reference architecture in the works called Shadowfax and Justin Rudd doesn’t like it. I have to admit, when I looked at it I saw the same thing… too complicated for most people.

Happy Valentine’s Day!