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Geek Notes 2004-02-11

Whew. Had a few minutes to catch up on some RSS content now that the ADS is over.

  • Don’t Let Your Dog Drive on Pills - This is from one of my favorite sites, “This Is Broken”. I get more laughs from this site than any other single source.
  • Sanjay’s Coding Tips :: MSDE Tools - A nice collection of information about using MSDE effectively. (via Paul Bartlett)
  • Drum Machine - Every now and then a new Flash movie makes the rounds. My good friend AaronX sent me this one and it could easily be the next one… very very cool.
  • Power Point Presenting Dos and Donts - Since I’ve been doing tons more presenting lately than ever before, I stop and read posts like this very carefully. Especially when they are from Scott Hanselman.
  • Dillo - A tiny little open-source web browser written entirely in C from scratch. Less than 350K in size. [via Stefano Demiliani)
  • wx.NET - An implementation of wxWindows for .NET. Allows cross platform GUI development in .NET (supports .NET, Mono and DotGnu). [via Stefano Demiliani]