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Geek Notes 2004-01-26 Part 2

So I found an interesting little “feature” with my Motorola MPx200 SmartPhone. If the phone has been “on” for a while (days), it will suddenly stop being able to do pass-thru connections for syncronizing email.

I have mine setup to do email and calendar to a server (Exchange 2003 or MIS) and the rest via Outlook (via the USB cable). When you are connected, however, you are supposed to be able to use the laptop’s internet connection to sync to the server, and this is what fails.

The only reliable way I’ve found to repair this is to power cycle the phone. Very annoying.

  • Mars Rover Screensaver - Now that Opportunity is down and Spirit is talking again, you should also download this screensaver so you can have the news and image updates automatically displayed on your PC.
  • To Write a Book? - Chris Anderson weighs in with his take on whether writing a technology book is a worthwhile effort. His final analysis says that it is not. My gut agrees with him, but I am still considering doing it anyway. We’ll see. (Aaron Skonnard agrees with ChrisAn.)
  • Simian - Matt Berther points us to a cool tool for finding duplication in code. Free for open-source or non-commercial use. Interesting. I wish the tool were free for all use… that would be better. :)
  • WAMP - If you want to install Apache, PHP and MySqland phpMyAdmin on a Windows machine, this install script is for you. It does it all for you. [via Stefano Demiliani]
  • Authorization and Profile Application Block - If the built in capabilities of ASP.NET aren’t good enough for you, here is some more code for auth and profile management.
  • Novell LDAP Library for .NET - In case you don’t like System.DirectoryServices, here is an interesting, open-source alternative from Novell written in C#. (source) [via Jesse Ezell]
  • codehaus - an open-source repository (a la sourceforge or GDN workspaces) that “aims to support commercially useful projects and thus does not sponsor or assist with projects licensed under the GPL or other business-hostile licenses.” Excellent idea! I’ll be keeping an eye on this site. Too bad it doesn’t have an RSS feed. [via Paul Bartlett]