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Geek Notes 2004-01-17

I spent most of the evening tonight watching episodes from the CSI Season 2 DVD we got from the library and playing Hold ‘Em Poker on Yahoo. Just relaxin’…

  • The Vos Pad - All LED lighting… plasma screen… tres chic! (via Ole Eichhorn)
  • Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 Trial - This is a free 45-day time-out, full version of the Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 product. No serial number is required. Now you can try out VPC-based development for free!
  • Sticky Draggable Divs - Brendad Tompkins shows us an alternative to modal dialogs in ASP.NET applications. IE only right now, but it should be convertable to Mozilla if you wanted to bad enough.
  • String Formatting FAQ - Having problems with curly braces in C# strings? Brad Abrams writes a quick little FAQ about string formatting in C#.
  • 1TB External Drives for $1200 - Soon they will be less than a grand… wow. (via Boing Boing)