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Geek Notes 2004-01-16

Well, we shipped today. Now we enter that phase of a project that all developers hate… support. Waiting for the phone calls and emails to come in telling you that you let a bug through. Ugh.

  • NASA Scientists Get Custom 24h39m-per-day Watches - Interesting… I wonder how long until we see one on eBay. [via Slashdot]
  • TheServerSide.net - New site dedicated to building enterprise apps in .NET from The Middleware Company. (rss) [via Craig Andera’s Weblog]
  • Indigo Lingo - A new MSDN column dedicated to Indigo. The first article is “Creating Indigo Application with the PDC Release of Visual Studio .NET Whidbey” by Yasser Shohoud.
  • Visendo SQL-Admin - Freeware tool for administering MSDE (or SQL Server) databases. Particularly useful on Windows Server 2003 Web Edition. (via The Daily Grind 271)
  • Mustaches Give Cops More Authority - Cops in India are getting raises if they grow a moustache. Apparently it gives them “more authority”. When my dad lived in Nigeria I remember a friend’s driver telling me that he had a moustache because it made him look “more like a policeman” and that it “helped him avoid hassles at police checkpoints.” Crazy. [via Boing Boing]