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Geek Notes 2003-12-27

I’m pretty much spending today doing nothing… trying to catch up from too much family time this holiday. I love them all, but sometimes you just need some time alone with your computer.

  • Code Smith 2.5 RC Available - This is my favorite free code generator and Eric has been working hard to add new features and improve the IDE integration.
  • Fun with ILDASM - Some very interesting IL gets generated when you create your own System.Object class. Try it yourself.
  • Using SmartAssembly for Smart Clients - Sick of fighting the App Updater Application Block? Don’t feel like rolling your own? Here is another solution for you.
  • Dropload - Need to send someone a big file but their Hotmail account wont take it? Don’t have your own FTP server? Use Dropload. You can upload a file up to 50MB in size and they will hold it for 48 hours. Very cool. Too bad the size it so small, I need to send a 6GB VPC image… :) [via Sirsha]