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Geek Notes 2003-12-26

This afternoon I went trap shooting with my in-laws (the men at least). Had a blast shooting two boxes of 12-gauge shells at small ceramic frisbees. My shoulder aches a bit tonight, but it was worth it. This was the second time I’ve shot a shotgun in more than 15 years. I used to shoot and hunt a fair amount with my dad, but I haven’t done much since high school.

  • Dead Bolt - Robert McLaws, Jamie Cansdale and Michael O’Hearn wrote this tool to help those of you who don’t know how to do strong naming. ‘Cause it is just so hard when you have to go to the command prompt..
  • A Small-Penised Race - This is one of the funniest posts I’ve read in a while. I won’t rehash it here… just go read it.
  • Make More Mistakes - Eric Sink pens a column about starting up new software companies.
  • SQL Log Explorer - Sounds like a very interesting tool. Free Trial available. [via Jesse Ezell’s weblog]
  • Linux Does Work on VPC - Brad Wilson has been trying to determine if MS was intentionally thwarting his plans to run Linux… then he figured out the problem. (Hint: Think video drivers.)

Oh, and was anyone else forced to watch World Idol last night? It was the 11 international Idol show winners competing yet again for top honors (sic). Am I the only one who thought the two hosts (apparently they are the guys from Pop Idol in Britian) look and sound like Merry and Pippin from LOTR?